Downfall III

by Conduits

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xOutragex Remarkable album! It is a shame this band is no longer together but, I hope each and every member will succeed in their own respective musical projects in the future.
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released June 14, 2015

CD produced by Matt Cohen and Matt Mahoney at Central Recordings.
Album Artwork created by Michael May.
Special Thanks to Chris Slater for additional vocal work.

Tim Sullivan - Guitar / Vocals
Teddy King - Guitar / Vocals
Marcel Damiano - Bass / Synth / Vocals
Brett Willson - Drums



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Conduits Worcester, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Virus
We're sickening from birth
Mother nature was destined to burn
She gave us air to breath
Now we bite the hand that feeds

Every day the world gets worse
Will we ever learn?
Polluting, a vicious crime
Corrodes her soul and poisons her mind

I can hear her screaming
With every day that's past
The sickness takes control of her
We see to her collapse

We as the human race
Spit right in her face
Then leave without a trace
An utter disgrace

We're walking a thin line.
Yet we think that everything's fine.
When will we right our wrongs
And realize that something needs to be done

All hail the kings of shame
Spreading disease to all that stand in the way

And now no place to go
No place to call our home
Searching for solid ground
But nothing to be found

The human race is a disease
Poisoning the world as she's
Dying, never to wake
The sickness takes her life

The earth remains
With every step that we take
We live another day
The earth sustains
We will rebuild and rebound
We are here to stay

So have fun digging your grave
With all of the money you've saved
Was it worth all of the pain?
Now forced to die in shame

A revolution built on lies
Now leads to our demise
Say your last goodbyes
Or choose to stay and fight

Now there's no turning back
Our world is under attack
We must defend what is ours
Before all is lost